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Established in 1993, we believe that Developmental Disability Consultants, PC was the first privately held mental health group in the Rocky Mountain West established solely for the purpose of serving persons with developmental disabilities, including those with cognitive and intellectual disabilities, autism spectrum disorders and acquired brain injury. DDC offers a wide range of direct and consultative services to children and adults with disabilities, their families, teachers and service providers. DDC recognizes the potential inherent in all persons, regardless of ability level, and seeks to help our clients maximize that potential. DDC’s core values stress a commitment to the principles of inclusion, choice and opportunity for all persons with disabilities.
Individuals with disabilities can have a tremendous impact on family life. The challenge of raising a child with a disability at home can be complicated by stressors such as extra financial costs, added physical care, increased time demands, challenging behavior, social isolation, and dealing with medical professionals...

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It is truly astonishing to consider that not so long ago, the idea that persons with intellectual disabilities could experience conditions such as anxiety and depression was not generally accepted in the mental health community... 

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DDC has been designated as a Mental Health Specialty Clinic by the Colorado Department of Human Services, Office of Behavioral Health
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